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100% mobile friendlySeptember 18, 2017: This is far from being my most ambitious website. I have just had a look at the remnants of a site I created a few years ago, and been impressed by its appearance. So why did I abandon it, and drop its associated domain name? The short answer is that it took up too much of my time, and kept me from more important work. Recently, I have also become aware of the need to ensure that all one's sites are mobile friendly — to cater to the needs of the 90% who access the net from hand-held devices. — Alan Ireland, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Historical features

Balkan Beast: Bulgaria in World War I, Part 1.
Balkan Beast: Bulgaria in World War I, Part 2.
Britain's Jewish Problem, by M.G. Murchin, 1939.
Catalog of Edwardian Kisses.
Death of a Zeppelin, 1916, Part 1.
Death of a Zeppelin, 1916, Part 2.
Franco-Prussian War, 1870: Cartoons from Punch.
Routledge's rhymes for children, circa 1885.
Scenes from early 19th-century New Zealand.

  1870: France's back is against the wall.

Index of my domains A window on the past. Chronology of the Muslim community. Memories of an English poet. Financial and other reviews. Redirects to My publications. Dispatches from the vaccine wars. A bizarre upbringing. Some of my published poems.

Slavery: In war, the fate of the losing side. For more pic-
tures from early Aotearoa / New Zealand, click here.

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